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Welcome to Mrs. Huey's Wiki


I was blessed to have had the opportunity to learn how to make wiki's through a summer course for educators through PB Works.  I have really enjoyed making wiki's not only as a teaching resource, but also as a tool for educating others and for personal use.  Below you will see some of the wiki's I have created throughout the many aspects of my life, as an elementary teacher, a gifted education specialist, a parent and of course my interests personally.  I hope you enjoy my wiki's.  Please leave me any comments on what you like and what you would like to see.  The beauty of a wiki is that it's a collaboration!  Happy reading : ) 



Teaching Resources

-Thematic Wiki's


Gifted Units


Who Am I

-My Professional Portfolio 


Gifted Education Facets

-Gifted Resources

-Practicum Page 


Wiki Making Resources

-How did I learn how to make a wiki? 


Group Created Wiki's

Creativity in Education Wiki 

This wiki was created with some of my cohorts at the University of Northern Colorado while in my graduate programming for Gifted and Talented.


Other Resources Worthy of Mention

-Cool Websites


Peak Projects



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